Playboy compilation – Best of Redheads

Busty Playboy Redhead
You probably got used by now with Playboy’s monday compilations and today you’re going to see all red in a mix of some of the hottest redheads in Playboy’s portfolio. Relish yourself with this amazing display of red beauty featuring Alyssa Michelle, Haydn Porter, Leanna Decker and Molly Shaw making your monday better than ever before showing you their delightful naked bodies with a special edition mix of amazing pics and videos from Playboy Plus.

Leanna Decker – Cybergirl of the Year 2012

Leanna Decker Nude
Meet Leanna Decker, Playboy’s Cybergirl of the Year for 2012. She’s voluptuous, with full curves and pale, creamy skin, scattered with freckles in all the right places. Her green eyes are framed with thick lashes, and under her long mane of red hair, she’s got three four-leaf clovers tattooed on her back for a bit of Irish luck – not like she needs it.